Justin (wonkyear) wrote in trading_sounds,

Your homework for the weekend

Professor Wonky has an assignment for the willing: a wacky song-swapping game.

I haven't been listening to enough music lately, and I'm missing it. Send me three songs that you like. You can email zipped MP3s to xenophile@earthlink.net, point me to your FTP site, or deliver them on CDs by snail mail, however you like, just get 'em to me. When I receive them, I'll reciprocate, following whatever rules you provide.

Of the songs that you share:

1. At least one should have lyrics worth learning.
2. At least one should get my adrenaline or testosterone pumping when I hear it.
3. At least one should be a new song (released within the last year).
4. All three should be very different stylistically from the others.

*mercilessly cross-posted*
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